Good times had by all.

It's our tagline and we really mean it. We've designed our process to ensure that everybody enjoys both the planning and execution of the experience. Bring us your vision and we'll make the magic happen. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re hosting. In any case, there are countless variables to manage, and every one of them has the power either to enhance the way your guests remember it or distract them from it.

Heyday creates unique, engaging, memorable experiences by planning meticulously for everything—from mighty to miniscule—and then following those plans through their successful execution.


There's binders. And pinboards. Timelines. Spreadsheets. Budgets. Ideas coming at you from your family, friends, colleagues... even your neighbors want to weigh in. It's all a little overwhelming. But together, we got this. Heyday takes the experience planning process and breaks into tiny little bite sized chunks. Together we determine the heart of the event - the most important things you want your guests to feel as they leave at the end of the night. We use these objectives to map out the experience and measure every decision against. Chaos becomes order.


We're expert observers. And years of experience has taught us exactly what your guests need to have an awesome time. We know the perfect formula to make sure your guests needs are met. Once basic needs are cared for, guests can truly relax and we can take them to the next level. The one where they're delighted with and immersed in the magical experience we've thoughtfully mapped out for them.


The Heyday team makes event management a family affair. We want everyone involved in the experience to enjoy the day and we go to great lengths to ensure your wedding party and your family are all informed, in line, and at ease. We not only keep them happy, we keep them out of your hair. You can thank us later for that.


A heyday is a period of greatest popularity or success. Like hammer pants in the 80s, and scrunchies in the 90s. And with the right preparation, coordination and tenacity, any day can be yours.

At Heyday Lab, we are meticulous planners, thinkers, and doers. We start at the very beginning (a very good place to start), mapping every interaction you’ll have with your audience—from the first time they hear about your event through the time they leave it. Then we plan for each of those interactions to be as engaging and authentically you as possible. The result is a successful, stress-free event for you and an unforgettable one for your guests.

Whether it’s a wedding, a conference, a shoppe concept, or a marketing campaign, we’ll make sure that every engagement matters.

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